Monday, February 4, 2013


This month is filled with mixed emotions for many.

For little kids it's filled with candy, valentine boxes, and a chance to slip an anonymous love note to their crush of the week.

As you get older, it becomes more about flowers, boyfriends, chocolates, or for me "Gal-entine" parties.

At this point at my life, it's still a time for flowers, chocolates, and a chance to slip a love note here and there.

I think this year, Valentine's Day has a different meaning for me.  {Don't worry. No dating or engagement surprises here.}  These past few days have just really impacted me.

It has been a time for me to recognize the people that love me, and realize how much I love them.

The only way I can describe it is that I have been moved by overwhelming feelings of love for all my friends and family.

These feelings have come mostly from those lovelies right there.

I have been through a lot with my roommates.  I feel like I have made so much history with them in the past year and half.  The past year and a half has really brought out our strengths and weaknesses and we have all learned from each other.

I am also happy to have these new additions to the roommates.  Seriously though. They're like my second roommates.

Nothing really bad happened in the last week, more of just a bummer circumstance. None the less, the word was spread to all my roommates, and I was touched by their concern.  We were all invested, and they had my back.

For fear of sounding too gushy I just love these guys. I'm so glad they came into my life.

Really and Truly.